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Does your business want to hire an employee from overseas? We can take care of the legal aspects of your employee’s immigration.

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We advise and assist businesses and organisations in relation to sponsoring and nominating people for all types of visa applications, including the following:

  • Employer Sponsorships and Nominations, including for temporary and permanent visas;
  • Specialist work visas, such as for Ministers of Religion, Religious Workers, Sportspeople, Occupational Trainees;
  • Skilled visas, including for Australian & overseas graduates and skilled workers;
  • Business and Investment visas; and
  • Other specialist visas, such as for individuals that are of ‘Distinguished Talent’ in the fields of the arts, sport, research or academia.


Our services as specialist Australian immigration and citizenship Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents include:

  • Advising about visa eligibility of employees and prospective employees, including about visa options, the visa application process, requirements to be met to be eligible to be granted a visa, visa application costs and charges, visa application processing timeframes;
  • Advising about sponsoring and nominating employees and prospective employees for visas, including the sponsorship and nomination process, requirements to be met to sponsor or nominate employees and prospective employees for a visa, sponsorship and nomination costs and charges, obligations as a sponsor and nominator;
  • Preparing and submitting sponsorship, nomination and visa applications, to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, (DIBP); and
  • Advising and assisting businesses to apply for review of decisions of DIBP, to the Migration Review Tribunal.


Solicitors acting in this area:

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